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Charlie worked at a sex toy store called the “Amateur Porn Shop”, he loved his job and constantly looks for what new amateur videos are available today. Horny women would come into the store all the time and ask for new jessiPorno amateur sex tapes and get exactly that. They would even ask him to make one with them. One day, a sexy woman with big DD sized tits came into the store and asked Charlie if he wanted to go into the back room to make a porn flick.

Charlie couldn’t resist and quickly agreed. When they got to the back room, Charlie locked the door and turned on the video camera. With the camera rolling, the woman slowly took off her clothes and stood there naked in front of Charlie.

Charlie quickly got closer to Joanne and kneeled down in front of her. He looked up at her wet pussy and started to lick it, slowly licking her clit at first. After a few minutes, Charlie was switching back and forth between licking the woman’s clit and shoving his tongue deep inside her pussy. The female couldn’t take it anymore and started to squirt all over Charlie’s face. He was completely covered in her cum as he looked over to the camera to show how wet his face was.

Joanne then said, “suck my tits”. Charlie did what he was told and started to play with her gigantic breasts. He had one of her tits in his mouth and the other one in his hand. Charlie wanted to see how good of a dick sucker the woman was so he said, “suck my cock”. Joanne had been patiently waiting to put his big dick in her mouth and quickly started to suck it really hard. She was bobbing her head up and down, up and down.

It was better than Charlie could have imagined. He couldn’t take it anymore and moaned, “here I cum”. Charlie shot cum all over the female’s face and into her mouth. With cum still dripping out, Joanne started to lick his dick with her long tongue and then rubbed it all over her face. Charlie laid on the ground and told her to suck his cock some more. She sucked it for a little longer and then sat on his big dick.

She started fucking it in a circular motion while calling him her ‘daddy’. After they fucked for an hour, Charlie busted another huge load deep inside the girl’s pussy. This didn’t stop Joanne from bouncing on his cock even more. Charlie couldn’t believe how hard she was fucking him. With one final thrust, Charlie could feel the woman’s pussy oozing all over him again. Joanne stood up and said, “that might just be best amateur sex tape that has ever been made and you can find it at online!”.

Watching Mature Lesbian Videos with My Best Friend

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“Natalie, next time we should consider a different sex movie theme don’t you think?” Alex whispers into my ears with a smirk as my blush sinks beneath the blankets. I smiled and lightly nipped his lips, “Instead of watching mature lesbian videos at home, maybe the next time I’ll invite a sexy girl into bed with me.”

You can call it a coincidence that my best friend and I tumbled into an awkward situation all because of a simple, highly sophisticated movie; well it was really an erotic flick! I happened to be a curious cat and my best friend, with whom I’d shared bunches of secrets with was the perfect person to talk to. Since it was the weekends, our parents were out for a skiing trip. We of course were loaded with assignments apart from which my best friend had a major football league practice. It wasn’t rare if I talked to him about the most intense sexual topics because his reactions both excited and humored me.

We’d both planned a typical Saturday night, where right from ordering our favorite snacks for the night to ditching chilled beer for a bottle of my dad’s old rum; we were all set to finish our tasks on time. It wasn’t an hour later that I realized I still had a chapter to finish in my book. Don’t be surprised but I’ve a keen interest in psychology and the idea of a lesbian relationship thrills my insides to the core. It didn’t bother me that Alex was sitting right next to vigorously trying to kill an ugly looking ogre. ‘Those hot online games again’, I thought to myself. He’d introduced me to his best football pals and he’s gotten my interested in metal and gaming. We were hard core friends and I’d realized that I appreciated his manly curves a little too much.

“Listen, if you really want to get a kick, why don’t you try watching free porn movies instead? There’s this great site I know!” Alex exclaims after a moment. “What do you have in mind Alex?” I asked him. I watched Alex furiously type down mature lesbian videos on Google and it wasn’t long before we got a flick that seemed perfect. It surprised me that he would suggest something like this but I wasn’t about to complain because curiosity just makes you a tad bit naughty.

“Grab me that glass of rum would ya?” Alex asked with a grin which wasn’t a surprise since the man was a devious devil. I hadn’t noticed but when I returned, Alex had already begun the movie that featured an older MILF woman seductively touching a young teen girl. It did startle me when I noticed Alex completely transfixed on the screen. ‘So did porn affect guys this much?’ But enough with the questions because my mind was strayed when the older woman, around her 40’s suddenly slid her hands in the young girl’s pussy. ‘Is this what lesbian mature movies are like?’ I thought to myself.

I felt heat rushing down to my womanhood because something that I’d read before was suddenly coming alive. I wasn’t used to watching porn but I’d crossed several book stores just to grab the best erotic novel in line. This experience seemed different and probably because I felt different around Alex suddenly. The scenes in front of me nearly had me touching myself but I restrained myself and watched silently as the older woman named Isabelle lightly licked a young bud. It was at that moment when I heard a strangled noise catching Alex’s gaze slowly undressing me. “Come here”, he ordered but I wasn’t the sorts to give in.

“Darling”, and with that I slowly crawled on my fours and reached into pockets. I’d always loved his firm chest so while I saddled his lap, I breathed slowly into his neck. His hands slid past the slits on my skirt and firmly cupped my bottom. I couldn’t resist wriggling just a little, “Natalie if you move around so much, you’ll have something thick and big shoved inside of your ass.” I loved the rumbles in his baritone and licked the ends of ear lobes. I knew those spots where he was most sensitive and lightly slipped my hand underneath his shirt. “Take off everything”, I mumbled between nips when suddenly he pulled my face and crashed his lips against mine.

It was mesmerizing the kiss as his tongue flicked against mine in a battle of dominance. In the midst of the kiss, Alex had stripped me down to my shirt with my bra hanging on slightly. I shivered as he held my tits in the palm of his hands, stroking and licking. The night would have led on to a series of sexual fantasies but it was at that moment when the phone rang. We were too lost in our lovemaking to notice but it took a while for Alex to realize the vibration in his pants was because of the phone and not anything else. With the alcohol sinking in, we realized our parents had called to check on us. I didn’t let go of him, “We can’t continue this but I’ve wanted to do something for a while now”, I whispered as my hands slowly stroked the covers of his crotch.

I saw his face rupture into a series of expressions, “Natalie don’t start something you can’t finish,” his voice sounded hoarse as he dragged my body against his and wrapped against a firm chest. “There’s always a next time to watch mature lesbian videos don’t you think” He asked me later with a mischievous grin across his handsome features. “Maybe”, I smiled and kissed him one last time before sleep overtook us.

Porn Tube and My First Sexual Encounter

I was about 19 years old and as a teen boy all I could ever think about was free porno videos at the Nailed Hard porn tube and sex with blonde girls. Its probably the same for all guys that age but it always felt like my raging libido just couldn’t be satisfied. Since I didn’t have a girlfriend either, the only respite I had was good old porn. As it so happened, my first sex experience came thanks to this porn habit of mine.

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I was sitting alone at home watching some free porn videos. I had turned the volume up as there was no one at home. As I was stroking my raging hard-on watching these hot ladies getting nailed on screen, I was completely oblivious to the fact that our next door neighbor, a voluptuous MILF woman in her early forties, had walked into the house looking for my mom. Mrs Samantha easily the hottest mom in our block. She had firm and round tits that never seemed to sag with age. Her full round ass and long legs made me hard just looking at them. I had been fantasizing about her for years and had no idea that my dreams were about to come true as she walked in on me watching free XXX tube.

I heard something behind me and turned around instinctively to see a shocked Mrs Samantha staring at my cock. I was about to start explaining myself when I noticed that she had a sly smile on her face. She walked up to and asked me what I was doing. Before I could mumble out something sensible her hand had grabbed my huge cock. She started gripping me tight and said that she would make sure that my first experience with a babe would be unforgettable. By now I couldn’t even think and was just a mute spectator to Mrs Samantha’s work.

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She slowly slid her hands inside my jocks and started rubbing my big dick really slow. I was too shocked to even think but I knew I was enjoying every sensation. She murmured something about young cocks and pulled down my pants with a quick movement. With my pants on my ankles, Mrs Samantha gave me a slutty smile and got down on her knees. The next five minutes were absolute heaven.

I don’t know why she was so horny but the moment she took me in her mouth she started sucking like there was no tomorrow. She was lubricating me with her spit and stroking my cock hard with her right hand. It felt like I would come any minute. With the tip of her tongue she was going crazy on the head of my penis and the entire surge of feelings was just too much to bear. With my cock in her big mouth, she tilted her head up and gave me such a sexy look that I knew I as done for. She grabbed my balls and started massaging them as I came in her nice mouth. It was the most forceful orgasm I had at that time and even today I can never forget her beautiful smile as she cleaned my dick up with her mouth. After that she gives me to fuck her hairy pussy. It is still the best memory of my teenage days. And all thanks to the porn tube & Mrs Samantha.

She Loves to Watch Jerking Cock Video

We started as neighbors before we became anything else. I moved to that apartment only a month before that and I was still pretty much alone and wasn’t doing much to change that. I spent days watching TV, going to work and back home and watching some free porn videos when things got really lonely in the night. I was planning to meet the neighborhood eventually, but I wouldn’t rush into anything as I was perfectly fine the way I was. There was just enough action on my favorite porn site that I spend hours in front of my computer, so I opened that jerking cock video. Metaphorically speaking, of course. However, there was somebody else interested in the private show if me playing around with my huge dick. I wasn’t able to see that at first, but in time I realized that my room was entirely visible from the building next to mine.

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At the same time, every evening, a curtain at the window facing my glass wall would slide a little bit to the side. A shy eye would peek as I was taking advantage of myself, enjoying it a bit too much. Once I noticed that it was happening, I decided to put on a little show. I saw that it was a girl who was spying on me, so I enjoyed the whole thing.

First, I started by taking off my shirt and then getting completely naked. I walked around the apartment like that a bit and it all started to look like some of those sex games that people sometimes play because she removed the curtain and we could see each other clearly. She was also naked. I have to say that I liked her right away because she had an amazing body, something like Eva Mendes. I came to my glass wall and placed one hand on it. She did the same.

With my other hand, I began jerking my big cock. At first, I did it slowly, but she started touching herself as well and that totally turned me on. I leaned on my armchair with one knee because I needed more support as I find it difficult to cum if I am standing. I started spanking my monkey harder and harder. She even brought the chair to the window and turned it toward me, spread her legs and put them on the armrests. Her hairy pussy was gaping toward me and my hard cock was pulsing and jumping toward it, yearning to get stuck inside. Her movements were like a jerk off instructions for me. We gazed at each other’s bodies and we were both turned on by the whole situation. We were both hot, sexy, and we were both enchanted by the whole odd situation. We didn’t know anything about each other, but yet, we wanted to share this intimate moment together. At any given time, any one of us could have gone to the building across their own and introduce themselves. But we didn’t. We silently decided to leave it this way. Just like we silently decided to give each other jerk off instruction.

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I loved this first time. I felt that my cock is about to burst. The intensity of the whole situation was overwhelming. I could see her throwing her head back and making grimaces that suggested she was close to her orgasm. So, I let my dick explode and I slipped my cum on the window. I leaned on the hand that was on the glass and dropped my head down panting and watching the white cum sliding down the surface of the transparent wall. When I raised my eyes, I saw the girl kneeling and watching me, with her head right in the line with the jizz on the glass. She placed both of her hands on the glass and have it a long and sensual lick. I knew what it meant and I loved it. She got up and put the curtains back on.

She loves to watch my jerking cock video at and we did it tons of times since then.

Don’t Worry if Your Guy Watches Mature Sex

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There are two things that are very true in this world of mature sex when it comes to relationships. We all hate being spied on in a relationship, and we all do it one way or another. For us sexy girls, it is well known that, once we want to find out something about a guy, our spying skills exceed those of the experts in the FBI, CIA and KGB combined. Therefore, let’s be honest here and get real about what is happening. The first thing any girl would do if she cannot get her hands on his mobile phone is go through his browsing history. Now that can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. You will know more about your man’s habits and hidden desires but you may not like what you see. Just think about a picture of yourself if it were to be studied forensically using your browsing history. It’s not very good, is it? However, from time to time, a girl in a perfectly happy relationship would go through those free computer files and find out that her guy is spending hours at mature porn videos. The first reaction is to freak out, but it shouldn’t be. There are several reasons why you should stay cool about it and here are the most important ones.

It is only a fantasy

Whatever guys watch while stroking their cock is simply a fantasy. Fantasy rarely turns into the real deal. Also, once you start browsing XXX clips, you usually begin with mild and ordinary sex and then go on to the more and more bizarre stuff. He may very well have ended up there accidentally.

Mature Sex has a different meaning in the porn industry

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If you find this word in the titles of the mature women videos he is watching, that doesn’t mean that he gets turned on by watching some floppy huge tits or hairy big pussies. Click on some of those videos yourself, and you will see that you will rarely see grannies getting fucked. The “M-word” itself in this industry usually means about 40. Those are usually women at their prime, rather than old ladies.

It doesn’t mean he’s not into you.

If your horny man is watching hot porn it never means that there is something wrong with you. Guys simply have that need to jerk off all the time or to fuck just the same. You just be glad that it is the first case scenario and that he is not being taken care of elsewhere. If he wants you all the same, there is nothing to worry about. Watching adult movies are like enjoying a match for them. They can do it all the time without any special reason. For example, many males love to watch mature lesbian videos.

He may find it entertaining

Even if you find out that we are talking about the real granny screwing action, it doesn’t mean that he is doing it because it gives him a hard-on. Sometimes, guys watch bizarre things out of curiosity. Go and see the recent videos that go viral online for yourself, most of them are totally idiotic and bizarre. That should give you a clue about how curious people get when they think nobody is going through their browsing history. Aren’t you curious how an ancient cunt looks like?

You’ll be glad in a couple of years

If he had a fetish for older women hairy pussy, then age should not be worrying you. Of course, if it is a healthy attraction to more responsible and ripe ladies. This only means that he will get more and more into you, because you age like a fine wine.

With all that being said, you should forget about mature sex and keep your nose out of his private stuff. If he is cool with you, you should be cool with him. After all, you can always fuck his brains out and make him forget about other Russian people having anal sex entirely.

I Got Much More Than Lesbian Clit Videos

This was the time when I was still at college and I was still convinced that I were straight. An occasional kiss with a chick now and then when we were drunk and nothing more was something that happened often to me. However, I never thought I was anything else but a heterosexual woman. I even had some boyfriends and I loved them. In time, I realized that I was the one who initiated those drunken kisses with my friends. Then, it turned into more than initiating.

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I actually wanted for all of us to get into a situation where we were all drunk, so that we could kiss and nobody would care or mind. Some of them talked to me afterwards, asking me if I were gay. I was surprised, but then I started rewinding the film in my head and thinking about all the things I did. I also thought about the women I admired, and I realized that I always had a very special relationship with my mature female friends. It was always a kind of admiration where I would put them on a pedestal of worship. All of them were teachers, doctors, lawyers or some other kinds of women of power. The picture began to clear up in my head. I went to Naked Sex Life lesbian clit videos and tried to see some of the porn movies. As I watched, I became totally wet and horny.

The movie I was about a sexy and mature neighbor that gets a visit from a young lady next door. The girl is all in tears because she broke up with her boyfriend and her mother didn’t approve of him, so now she didn’t have anybody to talk to. At first, the MILF neighbor comforts her and hugs her. The move away from each other, and the lady wipes the tears of the girl’s face. She moves her hair as well and finally kisses her.

The young one is surprised, and tries to move away, but she cannot resist the kiss and begins to enjoy it and starts to give it back. While they locking their lips, they remove each other’s clothes. The hot woman has amazing tits and she is leading the entire thing. She kisses the girl’s nipples, plays with her body and finally starts fingering her. You can see that the chick is entirely in her control and that her pleasure totally depends on those skilled fingers and playful tongue. The young one cums several times, before the older one goes one step further in her lesbo education, spreads her legs and sits above the chick’s face.

She twists her nipples as the neighbor licks the pussy for the first time, trying to do her best, overwhelmed with passion and a little bit nervous because she sees another woman’s pussy up close for the first time. But she does a very good job and they both end up tired, happy and pleased.

These lesbian clits was a precise description of my deepest and darkest sexual desires that I was not able to share with anybody. However, after watching it, I began thinking more seriously about my sex life. I’m not a stupid girl, so I realized that if I wanted to be truly happy, I just have to find a way to live through something similar to the action on the video and see how I’d feel and how it would go.

I tried to find a sexy lady who had several years more than I do and far more experience than I had. Luckily for me, a lot of women who fit that description were more than interested to bring a horny college student into the life of lesbian sex. Being honest with myself really paid off. You can watch these lesbian clit videos at

Ass to Mouth: Good and Bad Sides Ass to mouth

As you may well already know, your butt and especially your asshole are the most sensitive parts of your body. The fact is, all the ending of your nerves are there and that makes the anus the real center for pleasure. Therefore, it would be just crazy to forget about that amazing part of your body during sex and all sorts of sex games. Here is some good information about ass to mouth, as well as some tips and tricks on how to make it more enjoyable and pleasurable for both sides.

Why do it?

There are so many reasons why you would want to feel a tongue splashing around your butt hole and just as many reasons to why you would want to shove your tongue up your partner’s rectum. The whole thing with these amazingly sensitive nerves is that it will make the orgasm really hard and intense, especially if you are jerking off your partner at the same time. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the anal stimulation with the tongue by any means. This is perfect for those who love playing with their booty, but they don’t like to be penetrated with fingers, cocks or other stuff that can be painful.

How to Do it?

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Just like everything else during sex, start slowly and proceed gradually. The best way is to place your partner in a position where their booty is sticking out. This may be on their knees and elbows, or lying on their stomach with some support underneath their pelvis and hips. In this way, the butt cheeks will spread and the little button will be right there out in the open. Start with a long and big lick across the entire crack to moisten the area and make it wet a bit.

Once you do that, the wetness of the butthole will make it react to gentle blows of air you make. It’s sexy and sensitive. Let your partner feel your breath on their rectum before they feel your face on it, skin to skin. While playing with your tongue and softening the resistance of the rectum with it, bury your face between those ass cheeks once in a while. The rest is up to your imagination. Move your face from side to side, lick, suck and kiss and play with that booty all you like.

Is it safe?

Ass to mouth videos

The only danger that may occur is caused by the lack of hygiene. However, if you make sure that both partners are all washed up and ready for such an adventure, the whole ass to mouth is completely safe. The necessary hygiene requirements are for both partners not to have any wounds on their ass and lips. Also the person receiving the kiss up their butt needs to perform a thorough and detailed enema and to make sure that they are extremely and totally clean. Once this is done, it is all up to your imagination, just watch free adult sex videos at free adult sites.

When doing it?

This can be totally awesome foreplay. You can start with a simple back rubbing and end up with your face up somebody’s sexy bum. Also, it can be totally different and a part of some cool BDSM action where you can force your slave to stick his face deep into your glory hole and make you cum with pleasure. This is a very cool and neat trick, so there is a plethora of sex situations where you can spice things up with it. All you need are two consenting adults, a playful tongue, a clean and prepared glory hole and a lot of time for enjoyment. For additional information, please check these ass to mouth videos at

Shemale Fucks Girl: Why People Enjoy Watching That Videos?

When you see that something on a porn site is turning into a growing category, then it can mean only one thing: that there are a lot of people asking for it and browsing for it on those sites. Therefore, it is obvious, following that logic that there are many men trying to get a good long look at some kinky action. Many people love to watch how shemale fucks girl, this category is full of very popular and frequently watched videos. Therefore, the question remains, why people enjoy watching those so much. Here are some of the ideas why this may be a case. Here are some of the very logical answers and factors that contribute to this growing trend of this type of videos.

Exotic Taste

Horny guys are bored with the ordinary. Of course, your dick will get horny whenever you see a nice butt or a nicely shaved pussy, dripping with juice, but in time, you want to see something different and out of the ordinary. On a site that features tons and tons of fucking, a hot chick with firm tits that also has a big dick that she uses to fuck other girls is something to check out for sure. People with exotic taste will definitely check it out and probably jerk off at that video when they are already playing it. It’s different, hot, sexy and kinky. There is nothing not to like about it.


We all know that there are people who are born in male bodies, but they actually feel like women. We also know that some of them go through the surgery while others just go half way leaving dick and getting a pair of tits. Naturally, we want to see if that dick really works and that is why it is a must to watch that person fucking some chick. We like watching things that are not ordinary and we are always curious about sex. These sorts of tubes are just like that.

Resembling Lesbian Porn

There is this notion of shemales being actually girls with dicks. Therefore, when you watch a girl getting fucked by one, you can definitely find the resemblance between that and lesbian strap on sex, but only without the strap on and with a real cock. So, it could be considered as a more hardcore version of lesbian sex by a viewer.

Seeing a Dick

There are studies that say that straight boys can be aroused by the view of a cock that is hard. They don’t have the urge to touch it or to feel it, but just because they have one as well, they get turned on by the sight of it. That point is very important for understanding why men watch a shemale fuck a girl type of porn tubes. It is about watching a penis that is just like theirs, but on an unusual person. It’s exciting and arousing for many.

Forbidden Fruit

Transsexual men and women are very unusual to straight guys and they are not easy to find and see in real life. Transsexualism is considered to be a taboo topic. That alone can turn on many of those who love eating the forbidden fruit, regardless of the fact whether they like the taste or not. This is not that different from that. If the society frowns upon it, these guys will definitely want to check it out.

So, is it Normal?

It is perfectly normal. This doesn’t make a heterosexual person gay or bisexual. Even if it did so, these two sexual orientations are normal as well. However, majority of straight men love watching this kind of porn. There is nothing wrong about it, as long as it is a passion and not an obsession, which can happen sometimes.
This type of porn is very popular and it is the most popular among the heterosexual males. It grows from day to day, making some of those shemales real famous porn actresses. Check, that shemale fucks girl at tube.

Erotic Video That Wasn’t Mine

Free erotic video

My name is Jessica Brown and here is my story about the erotic video. That day, everybody looked me in a very strange way when I got to the office. Even George. I was secretly in love with George for a year now, but I was always too shy to say anything. Anyway, I thought that I had something on my shirt, or I did something stupid with my makeup. I rushed into my office and checked everything. It didn’t make any sense – everything was fine. Therefore, I wrote the report that I had to write for George. Once it was finished, I rushed to take it to him.

I entered his office. He stared at the computer screen. He took his eyes off the screen and glanced at me. There was something different about the way he looked at me this time. I saw something. Something like lust. I didn’t allow myself to think about it, and I put the report on his desk.

“Why don’t you have a seat, there is something I want to ask you.” George said.

I accepted as I felt my cheeks blushing and my body lightly sweating. He asked me if I ever tried to be an actress. I declined. That thought never crossed my mind. He looked at me like he didn’t believe me.

“Can you come here, and see something on my computer screen?” He asked.

I came around his table and he seated me on his chair. He moved the mouse and the screen turned on. I blushed when I realized that a site was on the screen. It was a erotic sex video of a girl giving a blowjob to a very much hung guy. After the initial shock, I realized a horrible fact – the porn star looked like me!

I opened my mouth to say something about it and to tell George that it wasn’t me, but then I felt his hands on my breasts and his breath on my neck. I played along. If George wants me because of this – I’m about to let him have me. He unbuttoned my shirt and started playing with my nipples. The tube was still on and we watched the girl taking that cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. I knew that George had the same idea, so I took him by the hand, knelt before him with my tits showing and I started sucking on his hard cock. At the same time, with my other hand, I caressed my swelling clit and played with my pussy. That made him even harder.

I could feel his dick growing in my mouth, and that got me wetter and wetter. We both still glanced at the erotic XXX video, but our own action got more and more exciting. I sucked and licked that dick and showed just how much and for how long I’ve been waiting for it to be mine. At one moment, George pressed the back of my head closer to him so that his dick got inside my mouth the farthest it can. I felt the warm jizz spreading in my mouth. I wonder if I should tell him, that wasn’t me on the erotic video.

Beauty Porn: The Neighbor Beauty We All Wanted to Fuck

Free Beauty Porn

Everybody knows about that one sexy beauty that lives near them. The one girl that is in the dreams of all the boys in the hood as they grow up. It’s usually somebody’s young mother or older sister, and she is the jerk off material for all the boys in the street. Melissa was the girl we all drooled over. One time I found her beauty porn on the sex tube and jerked my cock watching those xxx movies.

She moved to our neighborhood when she started college while we were all in high school. We fought over who would mow her lawn, walk her dog or do absolutely anything for her. We would stare at her lingerie drying on the rope, and we would imagine ripping it off her tight and amazing body.

Years later, after I moved out of my parents house to lived on my own, I went back to visit. That night I went to my favorite old bar and realized that Melissa was serving the drinks. She still looked stunning. I started the conversation with her carefully and realized that she forgot about me. I was fine with that. After all, I didn’t want her to think of me as that horny little guy. I told her that I would wait for her to finish her shift and I did.

This beautiful girl appeared in the back exit after her shift, wearing a tight mini skirt, leather jacket and knee high boots. She looked like a porn actress from XXX videos tube. I took her home and poured her a glass. We chatted a bit, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her amazing legs. She noticed that and smiled. She uncrossed her legs and just sat there exposing her crotch, talking like nothing happened.

I approached her, sat on the coffee table in front of her and placed my hands on her knees. I slowly kissed her and let my hands slide all the way down to her pussy. She moaned and grabbed my shoulders, almost scratching me with her nails. I took that as a sign to go hard, so I ripped her pantyhose apart and pulled up her skirt.

I fingered her horny pussy while she was stroking my dick and kissing me passionately. I took my dick, placed Melissa on her back and stuck my schlong in her gob. It was my dream coming true. I was fucking the beauty from the hood, finally! I enjoyed it, especially because she was such a great fuck. Her body was amazing, and her tits were big and firm. With each lash of my dick, her back would arch a little. It didn’t take us long to reach orgasm together. I thought it was good, but I regretted that it was short. She just smiled and said “Well, it is just perfect for the first time. Pour us another drink before the next round.”

Melissa was all we imagined her to be and so much more. It was one of the most amazing nights in my life. You can find that beauty porn video at tube.